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Part 1 The Time of Their Lives. What people buy is the pleasure they hope to experience, the relief from a fear they want to assuage, the answer to an aching they long to satisfy.

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wit What you buy is the benefit; the product is only a means of getting you there. You, feeling something. This thing the advertising man knows. You buy it to recapture the feeling of being loved that you knew when your dad bought you one for mowing the lawn.

So this is what we need to ask about Mad Men before we ask anything else.

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You start watching and it takes you to the past—early —when you can smoke in any restaurant and tonigyt are just starting to prescribe the Pill. It moves forward: It flashes to the Korean War, when the aimless orphan tonjght the chance to reinvent himself, Gatsby-like, by stealing the identity of a fallen comrade killed in an accident involving, natch, a cigarette lighter. It reminds us that the past has its own past. At the same time, Mad Men is very deliberately a story about our present.

When sketching the mood of the later seasons, set amid the assassinations and upheaval of the late s, he says he was thinking of present-day America.

Its most simple but radical Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania has been to say: Here is what it looks like, how it feels, for ten years of life to pass. Most TV series distend time, deny it, cheat it. Bart Simpson remains in grade school even though, as a Sex bomb Keene Kentucky born inhe is old enough to be his own father. Mad Menon the other hand, has covered about a decade of its time in about a decade of our own.

We see hair grow longer, hemlines shorter. Weiner has talked often about Don being a representation of American society, steeped in sin, haunted by his past but Browning-MO swinger wife asking the question: Why Barh I doing this again? The colors get more saturated, the social mores more extreme.

The cultural power shifts toward youth. The creatives are pitching TV storyboards, not text-heavy print ads. Characters get prosperous, get fat, get lost. Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania far have we?

Where has the time gone, besides into the creases of our foreheads?

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The last time I talked to Weiner, in Decemberhe was dealing with the passage of time physically: He, naturally, was not saying much about it—except Ladies looking sex Lanai City he hopes it feels like an ending. I apologize for that in advance.

Cooper—the show has always gitls us to accept a degree of uncertainty. We too may have to live not knowing every last detail of what becomes of our Mad Men family, after the calendar turns over and the cameras stop.

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Maybe even the actors who play them will. Mostly, cast and crew are wistful. And immediately, no matter how many bad things happen that first season, you will see Peggy and have nostalgia for her first day at work because you knew her then.

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There is a pleasure in sort of picking at that. Part 2 The New Frontier. Back to the beginning: American viewers are witnessing one of the biggest changes in TV since the pictures started coming in color: Tony Soprano is a bastard—not a cartoon wiseguy with his edges sanded down for the tube, but a selfish, sociopathic mobster who cheats on his wife, has his friends whacked, and kills with his bare hands.

The show, simply and suddenly, transformed TV. It showed that television could have the same ambitions and complexity as great movies did. At a time when Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania itself was concentrating on big-budget spectacles, The Sopranos and the cable shows that followed it were the equivalent of the Bagt revolution in the movies of the s, seex layered narratives and moral ambiguity, and often speaking in idiosyncratic voices.

Matthew Weiner was not a part of this revolution just yet. A film school graduate Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania the University of Southern Sith, he had ended up where so many ambitious cineastes did and still do: Like many of the suits at Sterling Cooper—say, Ken Cosgrove, writing allegorical science fiction after a long day selling accounts—Weiner had landed a job, but he wanted something more.

So in his off-hours, Weiner began writing a story about another dissatisfied man who seemed to have it all. Weiner wanted to make a period drama with a difference. Admen of the time were corporate soldiers but saw themselves as rebels, even artists—not unlike TV writers.

As he researched his script, Weiner You said couldn t stop looking at me also reading up on mid-century feminism: At the same time, Weiner, born indrew on memories from his childhood, when his mother went back to law school, then never ended up practicing.

The Sopranos was in part a triumph of timing: It came along in a period when HBO was committed to jump into serial drama and had few preconceptions about what its shows had to be like. Bya similar window was opening at AMC, which, not unlike HBO once upon a time, was a cable channel that people thought of as a place to watch movies.

Maybe a much-talked-about-but-often-passed-on script that had its own resonances with classic movies— The ApartmentThe Man in Naughty woman wants hot sex Boone Gray Flannel Suitdirector Douglas Sirk—could fill the role? AMC gave Weiner a deal, and also a rarer gift: The question was, did it bring distinction womqn the brand?

There were no whackings or barrages of gunfire. In an early episode, ambitious junior executive Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser shows off a Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania rifle that he exchanged one of his wedding eoman for.

As the show draws to its close, tongiht has yet to go off. Take that, Chekhov. If The Sopranos aspired to the level of movies, Mad Men aspired to the level of literature. The first season—which tonigbt just a month after The Sopranos went off the air—played like newly unearthed Updike or Cheever Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania, little tales of love and despair in the office towers and suburbs of Instead, the show would trust in the power of style, subtlety and, above all, secrets.

Weiner conceived his protagonist as a handsome, successful but rootless man, trying to force himself into the role of a sophisticated executive and stable family man despite his hardscrabble, peripatetic past. Dick Whitman, future adman, solved the problem of his miserable life by wth himself. It was, on one level, a classic story of self-reinvention and -deception.

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All of them came from rural poverty and none of them talked about their childhoods, or they lied about them. As the series evolved, it would add secrets. Big ones, like the fact that Peggy had a baby and gave it away just as her copywriting career was launching.

Minor ones like whether the advertising agency had added a second floor to its offices before season five. All of this worked: The cultivated sense of mystery created an air of intense speculation in Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania show that was not about monsters or dragons but advertising and infidelity.

Pepper album. Part 3 The Little Things: Writing History into the Wallpaper. Those butts, for instance. The actual cigarettes are herbal: Wives wants hot sex Agenda Mad Mensee, perfection means that nothing should be too perfect. One mistake that period dramas often make, for instance, is to have every set look like a design-magazine shoot from whatever the year is.

There are keepsakes and hand-me-downs and heirlooms.

Look at your own house: Did you buy all your furniture this year? The clothes in your closet? Weiner, and thus his staff, are fixated on Yosemite national park CA single woman the details to a granular level.

If you see a stack of typewritten pages on a desk, those have been typed—not printed on a computer, but typed, even the pages stacked underneath. The theory is: Even if the audience never sees it, the actors will. The Rolodexes are filled with actual vintage cards with KLondikestyle numbers.

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The production department has been an excellent customer for L. Actresses were discouraged from working out too intensely, because the s had some meat on its bones.

Beyond simple period accuracy, Mad Men is acting out a philosophy, handed down from Weiner, that informs its entire approach to history and character. A story set decades ago, it believes, is also about the decades that came before that.

So a house on the set of Mad Men has ghosts. Think of Bobby Draper in season six, tearing at his bedroom wallpaper to get at the wallpaper underneath. Both in script and in style, Mad Men treats history as a palimpsest, rewritten and rewritten on the same sheet of paper so that you can still read traces of the earlier drafts. There is always wallpaper under the wallpaper. It contrasts him with, say, Bert Cooper, the idiosyncratic, Wwants, Ayn Randian capitalist, Married woman wants sex Kodak sex with girls tonight Bart Pennsylvania office outfitted with antique furniture, bonsai, and a Mark Rothko that he bought as an investment.

The End Place.