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As it begins its fifth season on Sunday, this topical HBO comedy series is sticking with the format that has helped it stand out in the crowded late-night field: Though its last new episode aired in November, Mr.

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Oliver said in a telephone interview this week that he and his staff had not been idle the past three months. At the same time, Mr.

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Oliver said he appreciates that his show can do tonjght his competitors on ad-supported broadcast Hot ladies want nsa Tavernier cable channels cannot. Oliver was still in the spotlight: He drew attention in December for moderating tonightt public panel discussion where he persistently questioned Dustin Hoffman about a statement the actor released after being accused of sexual misconduct.

These are edited excerpts from the conversation. Do you think you succeeded? I was quite anxious that we protect the main body of our show from being cannibalized by him.

So, I think we were able to do that. We tried to contain talking about whatever he had done that week — to the extent that we could — to the first section of the show, leaving the majority of the show for those long pieces that have nothing to do with him. Even though we did a piece on vaccineshe was in that, only because the president has expressed vaccine skepticism.

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When we take a position, we try to keep people on board who might disagree, so that at least they can watch our thought process. We did a long piece about the Confederacyand I understand that people have different feelings about what those monuments mean.

Then his memory became recontextualized when it turned out he had done terrible things and those statues had to come down. A complaint I sometimes hear is that late-night shows have all become the same, too political and reflexively anti-Trump.

It can take several weeks to research and produce the segments for your show. How do you keep them timely?

Is there a way for a comedic show like yours to take on such a sensitive topic? But you want to tell it delicately, with thought and rigorous attention werk detail, and be unyielding over the quality of data you use. That takes a lot of work.

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That tonught reading the studies that people cite, and even with the best ones in the world, advocacy groups are sometimes trafficking in data that is not as solid as you need it to be.

So you then you try and find something else.

But that is qeek meticulous process. Attitudes on the topic are shifting rapidly, if your encounter with Dustin Hoffman was any indication. Not his attitude! That became painfully clear.

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How did you feel after that interaction? What was really dispiriting to me was the extent to which that story became about me.

The story, to my mind, was about how poor his answers were, not how good my questions were. Do you think people responded to it because you were doing what they want to see journalists do, which is speak truth to power and confront those accused of wrongdoing?

The John Oliver Effect: The HBO Host's Real-World Impact | Time

There were the allegations weei had been reported out by The Hollywood Reporterand I knew there were some more coming. He was going to have to address this with the next person he spoke to.

Now, sadly, for everyone involved, that person was me. The concept of a room full of people being wek with me is by no means new to me.

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Does a moment like that start to blur the line between your identity on the show and in real life — now you have to be a radical truth-teller in all situations? That was just asking some basic questions that had to be asked and then not backing down when the answers were bad.

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People are more than one thing. That feels absurd.

Are you getting fewer invitations to moderate these types of events? A version of this article appears in print onon Page C1 of the New York edition with the headline: Open in the weeek.